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  1. Chris
    Chris at |

    Did you happen to measure the width of the Business Class footwells? Curious how the Bulkhead compares to the Straight and to the Angled.

  2. Glen
    Glen at |

    I will just avoid flying united at all times. Especially in coach the 31″ seat really doesn’t appeal to me being 6′ 2″ tall. And the width of seats doesn’t appeal to me either. My opinion of the whole design is not good at all from a Pax Ex view

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Thanks for this post and the info on FT.

    Not an aircraft I aspire to fly in coach, ever, unless and until they introduce Premium Economy.

  4. Tony
    Tony at |

    One of the most useful posts from any blogger about the 77W, most of whom are just parroting marketing fluff. Thanks and kudos.

  5. Tony
    Tony at |

    Oh, I just noticed that economy seats are those plastic-impregnated “leather” that doesn’t allow you to breath. Most uncomfortable for the 14 hour flights these planes are going to do. Ouch!

  6. TR
    TR at |

    The coach seats are a horror. Tall people take aisle seats to make life tolerable. Now we can’t put feet in front of us? And some jerk will insist on a full underseat space next door leaving nothing. Special level of hell for whomever at UA designed this.

  7. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    Seth, thanks for the unvarnished truth…like Oliver, above, I will avoid this aircraft at all costs unless I spring for Business. Those new “slimline” seats, which they also have on Alaska, are just AWFUL…I flew to Hawaii on Alaska, and thank God I brought a folding gel seat cushion with me. What fresh hell has United concocted for its poor Economy passengers??

  8. Rupert
    Rupert at |

    Thanks for all the details, this is great!
    I like the Business class seats, looking forward to trying it out.
    But I’ll make sure to avoid Economy on this plane at all cost, aweful. I’m tall and an aisle-kinda-guy, but this legroom is too limited. And I don’t like leather seats for long-haul flights, they don’t breathe…

  9. Raymond Kwan
    Raymond Kwan at |

    Coach is ridiculous. And even while the very cramp AA or AC (one version) 77W also have 13 rows of window seats in the aft cabin just like UA, both have THREE rows of 2-2 seats, but UA only has TWO rows, adding two more seats than AA/AC have.

  10. Igor Matlin
    Igor Matlin at |

    TL;DR summary: if your seat is in row 19 or higher, switch to another flight.

    Though…Options for anything other than 10-abrest 777 seem to be dwindling.

  11. Corey Terrell
    Corey Terrell at |

    That is all rather disheartening.

  12. DavidB
    DavidB at |

    Thanks for the detailed description of the back cabin which is all too often overlooked by bloggers. Rather distressing to read this report. It’s not bad enough that UA pretends to have 1-2-1 seating (and distorts the seat map accordingly) when it’s still a 2-4-2 layout in business, the economy cabin is incomprehensible in its leg space treatment of middle bank aisle seats. Definitely a plane to stay away from unless booked in C, which I will admit is a moderate improvement over the sardine can seating that sent me over to the competition after almost a decade as a 1K.

  13. Christine Hall
    Christine Hall at |

    Thanks for the 411, Seth. I’m writing this from 35,000 feet, somewhere between IAD and NRT and sitting in 1A. It’s a very nice experience.

    1. Michael D
      Michael D at |

      Not in a Polaris seat but old GlobalFirst, right?

  14. Michael D
    Michael D at |

    With the tight squeeze on some window seats, how were the FAs dealing with it for drink and food service?

    Isn’t 10 across the future for the 777s?

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  17. John the Wanderer
    John the Wanderer at |

    Jason’s seat sure doesn’t look comfortable. The extra leg room is not worth the awful seat. It is awesome you got to travel on that media flight. What are your thoughts on the wine tasting they offer? I think it is a cool new addition.