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  1. Raymond Chiu
    Raymond Chiu at |

    Any thoughts on why the extreme vote?

    1. Ryan Hoult
      Ryan Hoult at |

      Likely that it would remove their advantage over the Seattle plant. The SC workers are well aware that the reason they have a plant at all is because of unions in Seattle, and don’t want to have the same happen to them.

    2. Garrett Hartsuyker
      Garrett Hartsuyker at |

      Actually, the political climate is vastly different in SC versus Seattle. The union scare tactics work very well and no doubt the boogie man was brought out to scare the notion of unionism out of the SC crowd. It worked. Always does south of the Mason-Dixon line. So predictable and frankly, expected. As an added bonus, the cost of living in Seattle versus SC is different. This too is a factor. If Boeing (insert company name) could build a plane in the poorest country in the world, they would.

    3. Raymond Chiu
      Raymond Chiu at |

      Ryan that’s a good point. I had thought about that. People are very much inclined to do what is best for the collective selves first (me, my family, my neighborhood, village, city, etc.) over the perceived greater good. Tragedy of Commons.

    4. Raymond Chiu
      Raymond Chiu at |

      Garrett, what’s funny is that in my earlier career within HR, I wasn’t a fan of unions, but as I have aged (matured?) and learned from a great mentor who was ironically a Big Law employment defense attorney that they can be very good (assuming good leadership, like any organization) because it keeps companies honest. It “forces” me do a better job advocating for the employees when I see leadership taking the short cut or less than honorable approach to running an organization.

  2. Andy
    Andy at |

    I have a few friends that work in the plant. The pay and benefits are excellent for the area, and because of the plant/suppliers/sub contractors the area is booming as well. Everything from housing, dining, retail, the area is just exploding with commerce. Was a shame to lose our Governor.

  3. John Butler
    John Butler at |

    If unions are so bad, why do companies spend so many resources fighting them?