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  1. Ygor Carvalho
    Ygor Carvalho at |

    As if one needed any more reasons to visit Brussels! Mussels, chocolate, waffles, beer, and now airplanes!

    1. Alan Dickey
      Alan Dickey at |

      Left out drive-thru frites.

    2. Ygor Carvalho
      Ygor Carvalho at |

      Alan Dickey omg thanks for correcting my glaring omission!

  2. Maarten Van Den Driessche
    Maarten Van Den Driessche at |

    Always welcome Seth!

  3. Glen Towler (@NZAircraftFan)
    Glen Towler (@NZAircraftFan) at |

    Auckland airport in New Zealand the car park opposite the domestic terminal. You have a full view of the runway. Of course In & out burgers at LAX is my other favorite place for plane spotting