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  1. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    That’s pretty terrible. When I worry about safety I often take solace in the fact that airlines are so rigid they won’t let stuff like this happen. I’m sure I may have missed a case or two, but the only one I can think of right off hand what is a charter United States airline jamming in extra passengers during the collapse of Vietnam on the last flight out, before the Vietcong-controlled forces took over in the mid-1970s. I’ve always given a mental “pass” in my mind on that one given the circumstances, and I haven’t seen it again until your post just now 🙁

  2. Catherine Burnett
    Catherine Burnett at |

    SMH. How hard can it be? #PakistandAir

  3. Naghmana
    Naghmana at |

    I went to pakistan aug 2016 .the flight from manchester airport to isb. There was a women arguing for not getting a seat ‘ said to me she paid £650 but when she complained she was told they will find her a seat after take off. She remain seated on crew seat for 8 hour of journey. There are not enough people to complain .