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  1. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    Big nope from me. But I know there’s a market for it.

    1. Alan Dickey
      Alan Dickey at |

      I’ve gotten to an age where I just can’t deal with the circus if at all avoidable.

    2. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |


    3. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |

      Or the tight seat pitch with little option other than an exit row to escape.

  2. Seth Miller
    Seth Miller at |

    The more I look at it, the more I think that this will be feasible for me on westbound trips. Especially if the wifi is working. I want to visit more of the smaller cities and this mostly lets me do it.

    But if I’m paying $300+ in base fare (which is more common than not) then you’d better believe I’m shopping it around heavily to make sure it is worth the additional fees and inconvenience of the airports on the US side. Then again, if I lived in the Hudson Valley of Ne York I’d be pretty excited to avoid JFK/EWR and be so close to home when I land. And if I’d be flying in regular Y on the flights anyways then the comfort levels aren’t all that different.

    1. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |

      All of that is true – and these are flights that really only work for those who live near the US airports they’re serving. Onward connections are non-existent for most of us who don’t. Still, they’d have to be saving me a TON of money for me to take one of these over an economy fare on either DL or UA, both of which I can easily get into an extra legroom seat for free – and get seat assignments and checked bags for free as well.

      But, as I previously said, I know I’m not their target customer.

    2. Barry Marc Goldberg
      Barry Marc Goldberg at |

      The problem for you is getting to SWF from NYC. Which can be a pain in the neck (involves Metro-North to Beacon and taxi/bus or Salisbury Mills / Taxi). For those who live in Westchester/NJ and who have a car it makes good sense to fly from SWF.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Indeed, Barry, one of the biggest questions is how large that Hudson Valley market will be. Or the South Boston market. Pretending this is marketed to NYC residents is fun for getting press but mostly misses on reality IMO.

    4. Jim Pirigyi
      Jim Pirigyi at |

      I’m already contemplating one of the SWF flights since I drive right past the airport on my way home from our NY site. So, I get home on Sunday instead of Thursday or Friday.

    5. Barry Marc Goldberg
      Barry Marc Goldberg at |

      I suspect global entry may not be available of SWF

    6. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      With only 300-400 total passengers daily that might not matter as much. That said, it is probably cheaper and easier for them to build out the facility with GE or mobile passport app kiosks so that wouldn’t surprise me too much.

  3. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    Shame ABE doesn’t have a customs office. So many people drive past it in their way to to either EWR or PHL. Could be another solid choice for Norwegian.

  4. Ariana
    Ariana at |

    just being pedantic : the 3 states are NY RI CT not MA

    Hartford BDL is CT

  5. Fabio E. López
    Fabio E. López at |

    Round trip with luggage comes up to $380 …. I don’t think the savings are worth all the hassle, you can fly on regular carriers for $450 depending on time of the year and destination.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Depends on where you’re trying to go and where you start. Worth looking at and comparing total trip time an total trip costs. But there is not inherent reason to fly Norwegian or to not fly Norwegian. Or most other airlines.

      Also, the main reason the other carriers are so cheap is because of Norwegian introducing competition in the market. Worth considering when making a decision.

    2. Fabio E. López
      Fabio E. López at |

      I could not believe it, my sister found MIA-MAD / CDG-MÍA for close to $ 500 with Iberia/American … open jaw !

    3. Fabio E. López
      Fabio E. López at |

      Meanwhile here in Canada it’s CAD $ 900 for return YYZ-LHR! Hope Norwegian breaks the market up here soon too !

  6. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I can envision there might be times when Norwegian would work out as the best value for me, particularly westbound as well, even with the extra fees. The one thing that might cause me to avoid them is the lack of any real backup capacity if a flight is canceled with the thin schedule – especially non-daily routes. Granted, one can get stuck for awhile with the major carriers sometimes, too, but at least there is a potential for being re-accommodated. Or am I being overly concerned about that? I’m admittedly not real familiar with their reliability or customer service in that regard.