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  1. Peter Lemme
    Peter Lemme at |

    I remain skeptical they had the same names.
    But, e.g. Two IFE stalwarts are named A. McGowan
    Twice, hotel… https://t.co/WkoEsJlLcq

  2. Jim McDonough
    Jim McDonough at |

    We flew on an American Eagle flight out of Boston where there was a delay because the count of passengers was wrong. A woman traveling with a child for whom she had purchased a ticket held the child on her lap, and the agent saw the empty seat and boarded one more passenger. They finally figured it out.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Lap child is typically how this sort of thing goes wrong from what I’ve seen in the past. But these guys were all sorts of felonious.

  3. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    Great story to share. Thank you.

  4. Greg Motylenski
    Greg Motylenski at |

    I try to stowaway daily at jfk to flights going anywhere warm.. 😉

  5. Benjamin Black Perley
    Benjamin Black Perley at |

    Was it a charming older lady like from “Airport”?

  6. Ord-tgu
    Ord-tgu at |

    I was traveling with a group with two passengers with the same name. Multiple flights during tour. Each time agents thought it was a mistake due to duplicate names and bumped off one of the ticketed passengers. It was chaotic.

  7. Daniel Palen
    Daniel Palen at |

    It’s been a while since I’ve had an issue like this, but I remember it being a problem years ago out of the IAD A gates before they started checking BPs prior to getting on the plane. Had a bunch of people bound for XYZ instead get on the plane to XYY. Always made for a fun flight…

  8. ffi
    ffi at |

    On board body counts fail too, or rather a lack of proper body counts.
    I was in LH F in Dec 2010 (thanks to USAir Grand Slams of 2009 & 2010); went to FCL near Gate B22; driven from there to plane by limo after “gate agent” in the lounge had finished scanning passes. At the Z Gate, we were asked to come out for secondary screening for security and went OUT past the gate agent.
    By the time our family finished security, the gate was closed and the plane was pulling out. The only time I saw a F class agent flummoxed. They assumed we were on board the 747, as our passes were scanned, but did not check where we were in F.
    The only time I got to see a plane being brought back to the gate for us as we watched from the open jetway !

    FELIPE at |

    We had a case a little over a week ago on a WN flight between PHX and LAX.

    Apparently the count didn’t match the manifest. I guess this is an uncommon occurrence because of what happened next. Obviously it’s WN so no assigned seats. 2 gate agents start going through the manifest, one by one, one from the back, one from the front. After covering a couple of rows they realize this is stupid and instead decide to do a good old roll call (no idea why they thought this was a sound idea, with 150ish on board), as we did that, some people waved their hands frantically and the gate agents talked to them and presumably escorted them off the plane, at least that’s what it looked like.

    How they got on the plane without getting scanned is beyond me, and how they made it that long without noticing that it wasn’t their flight (after many announcements that we were going to LOS ANGELES). Of course Southwest’s open seat policy can be a nightmare in cases like these where there will be no seat conflicts unless more people board than there are seats.

    My dad also had an issue many years ago, he was traveling, got to his seat, and then some other guy told my that that that was his assigned seat. FAs were called, they asked for seat numbers, then looked at the names, and noticed both had the same name. This is Mexico, so middle names are blank half the time, and the first last name matched, but not the 2nd. Most people only use first last name when buying plane tickets (allowed, unless international) .Since my dad got there first and that was his seat since he bought the ticket, he kept it. Seems like the system confused the two pax and combined the tickets into one.