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  1. Flyin
    Flyin' John ?? at |

    I looked at it a couple times, but too unreliable to make a cx.

  2. Rjb
    Rjb at |

    United used to service IAD from LGA but went from from real jets to regional jets 2x day. Munoz cited the abandonment of service on routes like these as a mistake and vowed to fix it. As a weekly commuter I’m not sure I can handle United customer service and operations to fly them again.

  3. Matt Nevans
    Matt Nevans at |

    No surprise at all, they thought they could be DL for a hot second with a non hub route, but it was old UA that probably pushed it and without the proper “umph”.

  4. Aleks ✊?
    Aleks ✊? at |

    I’m shocked this existed at all…

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    Or might could be a United executive decided to switch golf club affiliations to Palm Beach, doesn’t need instant access to last-minute foursomes near RDU so frequently anymore, which made the route superfluous to feeding United’s traditional corporate perk program.