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  1. Aleks ✊?
    Aleks ✊? at |

    @airBaltic @aix_expo Is it in service yet, or just part of the expo?

  2. John the Wanderer
    John the Wanderer at |

    That is pretty awesome you got invited for the tour. It looks like it will be a nice large regional jet aircraft! What did you like best? Do you think it is worth a trip to Europe to try one out before 2018?

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    […] On board the AirBaltic CS300 – Seth got to check out a new CS300 regional jet! It looks pretty cool. […]

  4. Travis
    Travis at |

    Thanks for the report Seth. I made a comment on the DLD episode 135 page about the c-series and just a few days later you publish this article. I live near Canada, and I am hoping (although as unrealistic as it may seem) that AC uses this to upgauge and retire of some of those awfully small planes that have really long flight times. For example, PDX to YYZ has a nonstop on an E190 (and is listed as a 5 hr flight). I honestly don’t know if that is the longest flight operated by an E190, but that’s a good question. That’s a long time in a small airplane, despite the E190 being pretty good overall. The C-series just seems a like a great plane, full stop. I’d think a nice PDX to YVR flight on a c-series would be fun too (currently only serviced by Q400 on either AS or AC, and yeah i know its a 1 hour flight, but still…). Love the website! You should charge for this content (patreon). Thanks for everything.