DLD 136: The Schmear Sphere

Early April means Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg and this is our traditional Expo-wrap episode. Guests John Walton and Jason Rabinowitz join Seth to talk about new seats, upgraded internet service and some other fun changes to the way you’ll be flying in the coming years.

Among the topics:

  • Recaro’s slidey seat partnership with Airbus could mean more flexible cabin layouts
  • Side Slip is not Slip-and-Slide but it is pretty cool. Also of questionable viability in the real world.

  • Seth was on the CS300 for a quick tour
  • Panasonic Avionics has some incredible new IFE screens on the market, including a 43″ 4K model that is expected to fly next summer.

  • Air Asia & Inmarsat teamed up for better/faster/more wifi
  • Airbus is talking A380 densification again, including new stairs and 11-abreast seating

  • Thales has a new IFE remote control that’s pretty damn cool

Also, after the recording we came up with some other options for the bagel name:

  • Lox Box
  • Chive Hive
  • Tegel Bagel – Only useful into Berlin

Enjoy the show!

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Seth Miller

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