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  1. Dan
    Dan at |

    Workers don’t think the government will let them fail. Makes sense to refuse massive salary cuts if you assume that in end the bailout will protect you like it always has. Ramifications of alitalia failing will be very bad for the government and they probably won’t let it happen.

    Of course the problem for the workers is, if the government doesn’t blink and they lose their job they will be much worse off than with 8% pay cuts. They will be working on temp contracts servicing Ryanair planes at 50% of their former salary.

  2. Jason
    Jason at |

    I am flying them next week. Am I at risk of no plane/staff that soon? Thanks for the heads up! I was planning on booking them again in the fall but will defer now.

  3. Charles
    Charles at |

    I have done business with Italy and had serious, frank discussions with them regarding meeting Asian prices. Their response was that they were being presented with a choice; risk a problem in the future or “fall on their sword now”. Their response now is right out of their rulebook, no suicide decisions.

  4. Blake Fisher
    Blake Fisher at |

    Just like EA

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      In the case of EA it was the bosses raiding the piggy bank and trying to crush the unions to further profit. For Alitalia while the standoff with the union looks similar I think that how we got here is very different. There’s no Frank Lorenzo around here to contribute to the mess that I can tell.

  5. Scott Lohan
    Scott Lohan at |

    I’m flying this June. Wandering if I will be ok, or if I need to start scrambling and find another flight……

    1. Scott Lohan
      Scott Lohan at |

      LAX to FCO

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