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  1. Becki
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    Say what?? Is this a typo? Or does BA have some weird procedure where the PM (pilot monitoring) selects re… https://t.co/kGGbW3Kztk

  2. Raymond Kwan
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    All were very fortunate.

  3. Becki
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    Pilots practice engine fail’s at/near V1 (‘high speeds’) in training + *rarely*(if ever) at <80kts –>why… https://t.co/6RVQTFgNsA

  4. Grant Clow
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    No mention of the countless selfish idiots who left with their hand luggage

    1. Sean Roebuck
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    2. Grant Clow
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  5. Oliver Trojak
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    Great write up and direct source material.

  6. Sean Roebuck
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    Seth any sign of the atc timeline? I think they rang the crash phone very quickly after the actual engine failure before the crew even said they were stopping and they were rolling when the crew requested them.

    1. Seth Miller
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      Full set of docs is at https://dms.ntsb.gov/pubdms/search/hitlist.cfm?docketID=59741&CurrentPage=2&EndRow=30&StartRow=16&order=1&sort=0&TXTSEARCHT=. That might have what you’re looking for.

      Worth noting that the crew does mention they were surprised the Tower didn’t inform them about the fire, but the trucks were moving pretty quickly it seems.

    2. Sean Roebuck
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      What you didn’t already read all of them? Lol

  7. Oliver Miočić
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    Why did a slide have to be manually inflated? Not armed? Plus, is it @British_Airways SOP to stop passenge… https://t.co/G8c0qk02QD

  8. Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy at |

    I think it was a pretty good day out for BA

  9. Charles Kennedy
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    PS skipper’s second last trip before retirement but after this he announced, “I’m done with flying. Someone else can do Barbados.” He actually went on the Barbados trip as a passenger

  10. Leo Nugent
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    @RunwayGirl Much to learn from all these events. More access to quality training always helps

  11. Daniel Edwards
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    Certainly an incident we can learn a lot from. Not sure what you mean about the 24 hour rest/crew position… https://t.co/DZcttOAmqZ

  12. Tom Lowther
    Tom Lowther at |

    Interesting comment that they all thought it was a burst tyre. I had a rejected take off once after an odd noise which i also thought was a burst tyre, turned out to be a birdstrike causing 3-4 damaged fan blades in engine 1.

  13. Alastair Jamieson
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    Very interesting write-up, thank you