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  1. Joseph May
    Joseph May at |

    Say it ain’t so….

  2. Abner Finley
    Abner Finley at |

    Noooooo!!!! 🙁

  3. Tom
    Tom at |

    It’s not that the street food will disappear. It will just be tucked away in the pedestrian street. In Siam Square, Thais don’t eat street food along Rama I road (the main road.) That’s just nasty! Instead, you go in the alley behind the tutoring schools where there are plenty of street food and restaurant stalls. Some of them have been there for more than 20 years!

  4. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Good move, the street meat stinks to high heavens. I hear the wires are going underground as well. Open things up, kill the street food. Plenty of amazing places to eat.

  5. Susan Young
    Susan Young at |

    Say it ain’t so! Street food is the best thing about Bangkok!

  6. Ivan Acosta
    Ivan Acosta at |

    I love getting my stomach bugs in Bangkok. How else will I lose weight?

  7. Raymond Chiu
    Raymond Chiu at |

    First it was HK, then Singapore, next BKK.

  8. Christian
    Christian at |

    Damn. I got SQ First pre devaluation for my wife and I, and now need to reconsider whether to spend more than a minimum of time in Bangkok.

  9. Joe
    Joe at |

    From the looks of you, I bet you’ll still be patronizing “street meat”.

    1. Seth Thriller
      Seth Thriller at |

      Yum. We travel to a small village about 30 minutes outside of Bangkok for some cheap fresh village meat every summer. We stay in that guesthouse for weeks at a time for some nonstop fun. Pure paradise.

  10. Michael Moldofsky
    Michael Moldofsky at |

    It’s a bit misleading though since I think they are only removing the places from the busiest streets. Most of the food stalls will be unaffected.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      That part is very unclear. I’m still trying to figure out the reality of what’s going on. :/

    2. Michael Moldofsky
      Michael Moldofsky at |

      the new Junta has been clearing the sidewalks around MBK and Center World for the last 2 years. Lunch time on Sathorn (near Patpong) is my fav.

  11. mike murphy
    mike murphy at |

    more unemployment ?

  12. Robert C Burns
    Robert C Burns at |

    I’ll know when I’m there in July and again this December to really see.

  13. Kaj
    Kaj at |

    If they do it like Singapore, where the street stalls were just moved under one roof with access to clean water and better over-all hygiene, then it’s not a bad thing.

  14. mike murphy
    mike murphy at |

    the best goodies seem to be on the sub-sois

  15. Alan Dickey
    Alan Dickey at |

    I’ve posted a question to my peeps in BKK.

  16. Sebastian White
    Sebastian White at |

    Say it ain’t so! Had some great noodles on Friday night!

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  18. GringoLoco
    GringoLoco at |

    What’s next for the junta? Banning Connect 4? *sheesh*

  19. Steve
    Steve at |

    Following tbe CNN listing a Street Food Festival has just benn announced for June (including in some of the areas that were recently closed down, it would apppear).