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  1. Adam Verdoorn
    Adam Verdoorn at |

    It worked in an alternate universe?

  2. Christian
    Christian at |

    If that’s success, I’d hate to see failure.

  3. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    Delta is very lucky this United thing blew up to distract the general population and media. That being said the people that experienced the meltdown that went as planned have to have vivid memories of it.

  4. Dave
    Dave at |

    Absolutely they are lucky the UA thing happened as a distraction… One common theme between the two incidents – both CEOs are cocky and make too many excuses for sh*t. Just say the computer system was built for a smaller airline decades ago, and you are working to improve it. That’s it. Just like Munoz should have been far more apologetic, vs using internal jargon like “re-accommodate” in his response to the Dao thing. Instead they deflect, deflect, deflect and deflect more.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    VERY well put… From a Delta employee

  6. RandyH
    RandyH at |

    “Our crew scheduling system relies on algorithms which do not scale well, and our recent growth left the system grossly inadequate to handle the complex situation triggered by the weather events. Also, we recently cancelled the interline agreements that our customers mistakenly thought they could count on to get people to their destinations during irregular operations.”