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  1. Brandon
    Brandon at |

    This is a positive – sharing this with my team!

  2. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    “The seat map will also allow a Medallion Member to choose to revert back to Main Cabin with one touch if they aren’t happy with their upgrade seat assignment, for example, to a middle seat.”

    There’s easily a chance between the upgrade clearing to a middle seat and the elite trying to revert back that the original good seat was already snatched up by someone else.

    The easier option would’ve been just provide preference toggle on their medallion profile page :
    – upgrade to any seat
    – upgrade only to window+aisle
    – upgrade only to aisle
    – upgrade only to window
    – no auto upgrades at all, I’ll manually pick when eligibility window opens

  3. Delta Fixes Crap Comfort+ Upgrade Problem, But Not for Award Tickets? - Rapid Travel Chai

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  4. robert c
    robert c at |

    Unfortunately, Delta is continually making it more difficult for we multiple million milers, and spouses in same situation, to get upgrades. Loyality is again being thrown out the door for the greenback. Smaller family shops must again pay the price of the big guys. This is still only the beginning.


  5. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Good update. Hope to continue seeing more posts from you.
    Thanks, Alastair Majury.