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  1. Ruby @ A Journey We Love
    Ruby @ A Journey We Love at |

    I hope they extend this to the Tampa Bay and Jacksonville areas too!

  2. Shonuffharlem
    Shonuffharlem at |

    The problem actually isn’t that it’s that FLORIDIANS USE CARS. Period. End of story. Rail always fails in Florida and always will.

    The only rail that would work is airport to cruise ship port but because that makes too much sense we only get boondoggles like Brightline.

    1. Arcanum
      Arcanum at |

      There will never be an airport-to-cruise-port line in Florida. The cruise lines make tons of money selling bus transfers, and they will no doubt fight anything that would hurt their revenue.

      1. Shonuffharlem
        Shonuffharlem at |

        There just can’t be a lot of money in FLL to Port Everglades and MIA to Port of Miami. It’s super short distance. And the traffic is so bad I doubt cruise lines would object and no one would care if they objected anyway.

    2. Darrell
      Darrell at |

      You hit it on the mark..Fort Lauderdale airport needs light rail (elevated) to it’s Port – Port Everglades.One of the top 3 cruise ports in the world..

  3. Brian
    Brian at |

    You said: “But the fact that the company is still working to secure the necessary permits to begin construction cannot be good news for its future. Unlike The Boring Company it seems there isn’t even “verbal government approval” in place here.”

    I don’t mean to be harsh, but have you really done your research on AAF? They have obtained most of their required permits for phase 2. That is, they have been obtained in writing and signed off on by the government. The Boring Company is vaporware until proven otherwise. Elon Musk can write alot of good PR material but until he comes up with a viable and safe solution it’s like the old cartoon show “The Jetsons”.

    The delay is caused by financing issues and eventually that will be overcome. It’s not that “they aren’t bothering to build” the next section to Orlando.

  4. Ben
    Ben at |

    I’ve driven, as an American but as a non-Florida resident, from Orlando to Miami before and I would certainly have opted for a train instead.

    On the southern end this would also affect FLL and MIA. Many people choose FLL over MIA for pricing reasons. I think many more would choose FLL if there was an easier way to get to Miami. Or on the flip side this could hurt FLL…..MIA could recognize what I said above and try harder to compete on price therefore evening up the FLL/MIA competition.