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  1. mike murphy
    mike murphy at |

    same protection from fraud like a “real” credit card ?

  2. Hal
    Hal at |

    I just don’t know what the market is for this. If you’re using a pre-paid card you’re probably in a lower income bracket that doesn’t travel much. The odds of you being able to spend $2,500 on a prepaid card is very unlikely. So the paltry United Miles you earn likely has no value to you.

  3. Everton Morris
    Everton Morris at |

    I read your writeup, and my view has changed on the card. It’s indeed a poor value for most everyone. Even the unbanked would likely be better off with a secured card through a credit union/reputable bank that would carry a reasonable interest rate and build positive credit history.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I understand that the target market is theoretically those who are otherwise outside the traditional banking system. Those people generally need help getting (back) in and establishing credit and all that fun stuff. I’ve been fortunate to not be in that position in life but I get it.

      Spending all this extra money just to earn a few points that may or may not be useful at some point is a bad approach to addressing that challenge.

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    This seemed like a potentially good solution for those over 5/24 who’d MS $2.5k each month. But the lack of clarity of loading fees makes it less appealing.

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  6. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Thanks for sharing information about the card, and giving your honest appraisal on the value (or otherwise in this case) of this card, rather than always saying a card is worth getting!

    Regards, Alastair Majury

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  8. Troy
    Troy at |

    Hah, I am surprised to see who is card holder

  9. Dan
    Dan at |

    I find this card an option for me, I don’t have a SSN so I’m unable to get any credit card, so even when you, Seth, have commented at every post out there regarding this card that it is totally worthless and nobody should get it, for a person without SSN, this is a modest option to earn miles. Think twice before making everyone improve their credit score to get a regular credit card.