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  1. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    I never got around to getting Global Entry, but lately I’ve just been using the Mobile Passport app on my phone. I scanned in all of my family’s passports, and when my flight touches down, I just login and answer a couple of questions and I sail right through. They even let me use the Global Entry lane. I just flash the app when I get on the line and they usher my right through to the next agent. Not sure if this is the way it’s supposed to be, but I feel like I have all the benefits of Global Entry without the fee.

  2. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    Can I do my GE renewal interview this way? SFO is so overbooked the earliest appointment I can get is in January 2018 currently. ?

    1. dayone
      dayone at |

      I processed my renewal online. No interview needed.

      “Upon renewal, you may be required to interview again. This is determined by the vetting center…”

  3. Lauren Klesch Lancy
    Lauren Klesch Lancy at |

    Ha Justin

  4. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Thanks for the news, with these new facilities and as a UK person, this may lead to reconsider applying for GE. Regards, Alastair Majury.

  5. Mark
    Mark at |

    I’m assuming you ment to insert a link, Second paragraph, first sentence: “Applicants must still apply for the program and pay the fee for such (insert link here for various CCs that would reimburse that fee) in advance of travel.”

  6. Awed Deel
    Awed Deel at |

    Has anyone had experience with this program yet? I am conditionally approved and am going to Vancouver soon which is one of the 5 airports running this program. Would I go through the process when I first land there or would it be on my return trip?

  7. Beate Sauer
    Beate Sauer at |

    Hi Seth! Our Initial Enrollment was Conditionally Approved by Aug 9, 2017 and we (from Germany) were informed that we must schedule our Global Entry Interview within 30 (!) days of the date of this letter. Unfortunately we do not find any information on the CBP site how we can manage to complete the enrollment interview during CBP primary inspection upon our arrival (Oct 26, 2017 SFO) in order to be directed to a primary booth designated specifically for Enrollment on Arrival. Can you please tell us what we can do in order to keep the deadline and to join the Enrollment on Arrival program? Thank you very much in advance. Barbara