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  1. Shawn Pandolfi
    Shawn Pandolfi at |

    This is why I never am interested in purchasing their packages. I always warn against it.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Problem with “never” is that this package actually does save money. Many packages do, depending on the circumstances.

      But in this case the numbers being used exaggerate the savings beyond reality.

    2. Shawn Pandolfi
      Shawn Pandolfi at |

      I rarely ever check expedia anymore. There have been some instances where it saved money, but I’ve found those to be rare. I see it saved money, but the math they are using are alternative math.

  2. Waylo
    Waylo at |

    Now you know the truth behind “50% off hotel deals” advertised every day. Expedia does calculate savings on the sticker price.

  3. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |


  4. Seth Kaplan
    Seth Kaplan at |

    Yeah, I recently got 10 nights of two-bedroom suites for (essentially) “free” with an Expedia package (same price for all that including airfare as cheapest airfare alone)… can be excellent deals… but you definitely have to do your own math.

  5. Ed Johnston
    Ed Johnston at |

    I for one will NEVER book with Expedia again. Last year I booked two tickets for a flight ( business class ). Within minutes found a cheaper fare. After months of contacting them , providing the proof they required, and back and forth and a Miriad of excuses from them and a call to their customer service ( at their suggestion ) I finally gave up. And BTW customer service told me they don’t handle this kind of issue. Now I check what company owns who and if it’s in any way affiliated with Expedia I won’t book.

  6. Ella LaReau
    Ella LaReau at |

    I’m always shopping hotel prices until the last minute, changing as I find better prices so a package would not suit me. I guess packages provide a sense of security to the less frequent travelers

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I have a habit of booking hotels while on the shuttle from the airport. Last minute can save a TON of cash in my experience. 😮

  7. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    Expedia packages have helped me save some decent $$$ on my trips to DC, but I ignore their fuzzy math and always double check.

    1. Shawn Pandolfi
      Shawn Pandolfi at |

      Definitely always Double-check.

  8. Ross Gale
    Ross Gale at |

    I went to Antigua about a year ago on an Expedia bundle. Saved about $800, which basically equated to “free” flights. The cheapest hotel only rate I could find was $50 less than Expedia’s hotel + flights and flights were ~$850 for 2 pax.

    We both got upgraded on the flight, too!

    I’ve never seen it work that way since, though.

  9. swag
    swag at |

    1. Yes, you can often save money, epsecially when the air advance purchase deadlines have passed.
    2. Yes, always check the numbers separately, to see what the savings actually are.
    3. It’s likely a topic for another post, but understanding of loyalty earnings on these packages is important. When I used to purchase them a decade ago, I always got full earnings for the air portion, but never got any credit on the hotel side (even for chains that didn’t yet require direct booking). That made sense, since air earnings was mileage based, and that was easy to calculate, but hotel earnings were spend based, and expedia doesn’t provide the breakdown of what the hotel cost is in the package. But now that airline earnings are also spend-based, I’d be curious to know how each airline credits you for these flights when the spend amount is hidden , both RDM and EQM.

  10. Chris Luth
    Chris Luth at |

    Always wondered how they do packages. Some combination of consolidator fares and net rates at hotels (and then marking them up to still-less-than-retail prices), offsetting the price of the package with some of the hotel commission (which can be 20-30% in some cases), or are the OTAs just big enough that they can pull strings and negotiate super-cheap prices with the suppliers?