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  1. Elizabeth Houck
    Elizabeth Houck at |

    Michelle Kraus – ?!

  2. Mythdraug
    Mythdraug at |

    Funniest addendum I heard was on the Chicago news this morning, “[the city] is also in talks about building a hyperloop system between O’Hare and downtown.”

    Why is it that I am suddenly seeing The Simpsons’ “Monorail” episode flash before my eyes?

  3. Ygor Carvalho
    Ygor Carvalho at |

    Elon is the one person I would never bet against. The tunneling company is barely a year old and it’s already prototyping tunnels. Try tweeting at Elon. You may get an answer.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      He’s answered a bunch of people’s queries but not the specifics of ho he was talking to or what the “approval” was. I’m not betting against him but I think this is a marketing/politics play as much as it is reality.

    2. Stephen Trimble
      Stephen Trimble at |

      Keeping that 300-mile long pneumatic tube sealed is going to be hard. Boring a safe, 300-mile long tunnel that won’t cost $100 billion is going to be even harder. I’m not so sure Hyperloop is ever going to come.

    3. Jim Dorschner
      Jim Dorschner at |

      Otherwise known as pie in the sky verging on a scam. Think about boring a tunnel in the heavily congested NE where so much utility infrastructure is already underground. Not to mention the enormous challenges to build in emergency response, etc. My 14 year-old son is a Musk fan, but many of his ideas don’t pass the practical test.

    4. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Getting past the existing infrastructure and even some of the environmental concerns can be done by going deeper. And he seems to think that’s what the system will mostly do. That might also help with sealing the tube but it does make emergency access more challenging.

      I’m not completely willing to write it off yet, though. Reusing rockets quickly and cost-effectively seemed pretty a couple years ago, too.

    5. Jim Dorschner
      Jim Dorschner at |

      And like Stephen Trimble said, that would cost how much? And given the long list of infrastructure priorities which are unlikely to be addressed for at least 5-10 years, why does this matter?

    6. Stephen Trimble
      Stephen Trimble at |

      I’ve assumed the Boring thing is really about Mars. Musk knows he needs to tunnel underground to keep a colony alive, and this Hyperloop scam is a nice way to get the government and other financiers to pay for a proof of concept. If it happens to work for Earth transportation, that’s just gravy, but it’s not the point and the chances are slim.

    7. Neil Baumgardner
      Neil Baumgardner at |

      Stephen, what are your thoughts regarding the much debated physiological impacts of Hyperloop?

  4. Sean Roebuck
    Sean Roebuck at |

    One of the few things actually getting built in Las Vegas now that Farady Flopped

  5. Jake Berman
    Jake Berman at |

    To be fair, this is also how the Steinway Tunnels used by the 7 subway got built.

  6. Priya
    Priya at |

    I’m curious is you asked those officials if they knew of the Boring Company rather than of Elon Musk. Because isn’t that what his tweet actually said? The Boring Company confirmed that to him. Great way to take a statement out of context, winner.

  7. Alan Dickey
    Alan Dickey at |

    The office here is open and they are hiring.

  8. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    Won’t the tunneling need a right of way? I guess he could use eminent domain? But, I don’t think this will happen. Too many ifs.