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  1. Christopher Brawley
    Christopher Brawley at |

    I am indeed terrified of flying with them. Because I have done so twice in the past.

    1. Scott B Newton
      Scott B Newton at |

      It’s just like Eurowings, but much cheaper.

    2. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      At this point it is hard to reasonably claim there is much of a difference between any of the short-haul operators in Europe. Some offer more and different onward connections but for point-to-point travel within the continent all offer a variety of fares that do or do not include various amenities along with on-board pitch ranging from knee-crushingly awful to tolerable.

  2. Rico Pfirstinger
    Rico Pfirstinger at |

    Ich darf im September wieder.

    1. Chris Ssiu
      Chris Ssiu at |

      ich war gestern erst wieder mit dem reiher unterwegs. ausser einer dreiviertel stunde verspätung alles ok. nicht mal wartezeit an der siko 😉

  3. Benjamin Black Perley
    Benjamin Black Perley at |

    I prefer his style rather than constantly overpromising with no intention of delivering, like the US3.

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