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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    I’m not sure they could really reduce pitch much on the Acela trains; it’s not that generous in business class to begin with. The Regionals, though, could stand for some densification in the coach cars. Doing that would also add value to the business class Regional cars, if they maintained their current pitch, since the difference between the two seating classes would be greater – and it might drive more people to buy up to business.

    I think Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor equipment is in need of an interior refresh – it’s not that the product is bad or uncomfortable, but it does feel dated. New interiors, new seats with better tray tables that are designed for laptop use, better positioning of power ports (between the seat back in front of you as opposed to on the wall, which means snaking a power cord across the legs/lap of the window seat person when the aisle seat wants power), new lighting, new entertainment options are all areas they could definitely improve the product on the existing rail cars.

  2. Edward Russell
    Edward Russell at |

    @AirlineFlyer Everytime I ride Amtrak I wonder why they don’t do 2-3 (5 abreast) like long distance trains… https://t.co/dVifD9IbQW

  3. Ben
    Ben at |

    Even if Amtrak doesn’t go full airline pitch, their seats could be densities in economy without impacting the experience much. Add center armrests, slim the thickness of the seats and tray tables (seriously, the tray tables alone are like 2″ thick) and they can probably pack 2 more rows of seats in per car without changing the amount of personal space.

  4. Joshua Sauberman
    Joshua Sauberman at |

    I’m telling you those Biscoff dog biscuits are next. Thanks Dick!

  5. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    There is much generous room on those seats. Even a reduction in space there could still leave enough reasonable space to be quite okay.

  6. Andrew Fielding
    Andrew Fielding at |

    Add seats with thinner backs like they have in Europe and you get space for a bunch more seats with he same pitch

    1. Joshua Sauberman
      Joshua Sauberman at |

      I don’t think I want a thinner back if I have to take Amtrak outside the NE Corridor.

  7. Ted Green
    Ted Green at |

    The current seats aren’t very comfortable. I just hope they don’t go high density like the GWR HST train in the UK. What NJ Transit has room wise on their multilevel cars is as tight as I would want it to go.

  8. Rjb
    Rjb at |

    Who cares about passenger comfort? Squeeze as many seats in those smelly old trains as you can and reduce frequencies by one third. That way you can raise prices. Charge for luggage, for Wi-Fi, and seat assignments . Lay off half the staff. Reduce the demand for Amtrak by raising prices and You have a break even operation.

  9. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Thanks for sharing your insight. Good to point out the difference between NEC and the other routes.
    Congressional funding for Amtrak as you know is on an annual basis which makes funding/planning for long term/expensive changes difficult but refurbishing existing rolling stock if phased per (financial) year should be achievable within their unique funding constraints.
    Regards, Alastair Majury

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