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  1. Kyle
    Kyle at |

    Dr. Dao’s incident was huge news in China. Lots of people dropped UA tickets for good.

    1. JC
      JC at |

      Dr Dao was NOT Chinese! That issue appears to have been mostly dismissed in China after it was clarified. UA flight activity has been consistently strong before and since then…

  2. James
    James at |

    HGH did not have much a chance.
    Launched as means to offer needed capacity to the ‘greater Shanghai’ region after years of inability to secure a 2nd SFO-PVG slot, but soon after it was announced the PVG slot became available.
    Too bad for Apple though, a frequent corporate client on the route.

  3. Ariana
    Ariana at |

    Hahahah another loser bringing up convicted felon DAO when in fact he’s Vietnamese

    Kyle the loser, go back to the check in counter to earn your $25k a year okay ??

  4. James
    James at |

    Soon, United will blame ME3 as the reason they dropped the route. Because ME3 is government subsidized, bla bla bla. Soon….

  5. Jim Pirigyi
    Jim Pirigyi at |

    Not completely a surprise to me. It’s a big contract manufacturing area but I believe the type of industry that is concentrated there has slowed.

  6. Robert Agans
    Robert Agans at |

    Thank you Seth! I had a flight for April (I paid 461 all in 🙂 ) now going to PVG instead which is fine cause it is for a vacation trip anyway

  7. Ygor Carvalho
    Ygor Carvalho at |

    Hangzhou is a wonderful city. But it is a short high speed rail away from Shanghai, so I guess this makes sense.

    1. Kris Little
      Kris Little at |

      Nanjing was about the same distance but faster to transit in PEK. So who knows. ????

  8. Brian Greco
    Brian Greco at |

    There really is no benefit to flying to Hangzhou over Shanghai

    1. Evan Hardie
      Evan Hardie at |

      I heard the route was not doing well, hence the cut.

    2. Brian Greco
      Brian Greco at |

      I think it’s because people don’t know that hangzhou exists

    3. Idir Aitsahalia
      Idir Aitsahalia at |

      Brian Greco no it’s because of the huge influx of capacity Chinese airlines are adding from secondary and tertiary Chinese cities to the West Coast

    4. Robert Agans
      Robert Agans at |

      So I can add I paid 480.00 all in for a trip there for next April. My guess is they weren’t making any money on the route as Evan mentions above.