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  1. FlyingFan1
    FlyingFan1 at |

    With the props you’re probably right but I guess that the A330’s will also end up in the LHG, operated by Eurowings

  2. Mathias Langmarker
    Mathias Langmarker at |

    Was gonna book an award trip on them tonight. Now, I have to read my CC’s bankruptcy insurance fine print very carefully..

  3. ric
    ric at |

    Agree the A330s will probably go to LH group to help sweeten an LH buyout of the good assets of AB.
    Those planes can go to strengthen Brussels Airlines which is now 100% owned by LH Group under the Eurowings banner.

  4. Joshua Sauberman
    Joshua Sauberman at |

    So glad I left AB off my itinerary.

  5. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I have a flight on Air Berlin in November with AA miles. Any thoughts on that? Should I be calling AA now to see if they can change it? Wait and see if AB is still in the air? What would you do? Thanks.

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