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  1. Grant Martin ????
    Grant Martin ???? at |

    For some reason I doubt this transfer actually happened. You hear the pilot confirm it, but I wonder if it… https://t.co/Ko6DNKFpMF

  2. Bruce Kane
    Bruce Kane at |

    Data is data. They’re 1000 feet apart and moving at nearly the same speed. How many aircraft in flight are that close to another aircraft?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Not many, but it happens every now and then. I’ve “paced” another plane laterally for 10-30 minutes crossing the Atlantic before.

      Also, even that close there are questions about whether this is legit. Bluetooth generally won’t reach that far and that’s a necessary part of the AirDrop protocol.

  3. Adam Heeger
    Adam Heeger at |

    Yeah I am skeptical too. The phone he is transferring to has network name SinTrip7 if you ???? closely. Who w… https://t.co/VeA5O6kwre