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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    Wow, that is very cool! I had no idea B6 offered that option through The Hub. And congrats to Linnea! I know this day has been in the works for years, and it’s exciting to see it finally here for you guys.

  2. Hans Mast
    Hans Mast at |

    I see the B6 version only has first 24 pages of 448 total pages and is listed as a sampler.

  3. Mary Bernadette Kirby
    Mary Bernadette Kirby at |

    If you don’t mind, I’m just going to live vicariously through your wife right now, Seth. Pen novel; see novel become inflight entertainment. #LifeGoals

    1. Steven
      Steven at |

      If you write your own novel, Mary you should bring it full circle, and work in a scene where the characters are flying commercially and evaluating the seats, entertainment, and overall passenger experience. Even better, have them comment about the novels available to read on the IFE system.

    2. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I think you appreciate this almost as much as me. Over drinks in Long Beach I’ll tell you about the scene I caused when we got the news. 😀

  4. Corey Terrell
    Corey Terrell at |

    That is kickass, dude.

  5. Ryan Hoult
    Ryan Hoult at |

    My preordered copy should be waiting for me at home tonight. Can’t wait to get into it.

  6. Sheri Bjornson
    Sheri Bjornson at |

    Really impressive. It’s rare for book tours to happen for all but well-known authors. Kudos to your wife as it speaks highly of her work.

  7. Jason Rabinowitz
    Jason Rabinowitz at |

    @DotsLines @HalfDrownedKing @JetBlue Incredible

  8. Cory DuBose
    Cory DuBose at |

    Very nice, I like.

  9. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Thanks for sharing your (well wife’s) personal success!
    Regards, Alastair Majury