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  1. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren
    Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren at |

    That about sums it up.

  2. Patrick Le Quere
    Patrick Le Quere at |

    We’ve just received new locomotives that will be in service soon. This might be one of the reasons for the upgrade :p The schedules are currently incredibly padded, thus the minor delay. They’ll be revised when the Point Defiance bypass track opens – which will mark the end of the most gorgeous views.

  3. Wany
    Wany at |

    On sleeping cars, you can definitely BYOB, as long as you enjoy your drinks inside your own room.

  4. Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams at |

    Great article! Amtrak Cascades trains generally run with one locomotive, not two. Usually the North end is a powered locomotive while the South end is a NPCU (Non-Powered Control Unit), an old locomotive that had the mechanical parts removed and is used only for control. There is a small chance your train had two locomotives, but that is pretty rare, and the problem was probably an issue with the controls or the lights, so it couldn’t lead under FRA rules.

  5. Greg
    Greg at |

    Why can’t I wrap my head around this?

    Trains don’t have places to completely turn around en route. So unless the train some how did a loop, you should have been facing the same direction when you continued on to Seattle.

  6. Greg
    Greg at |

    Never mind – saw your map – that makes sense with that unusual track setup.

  7. jackal
    jackal at |

    Funny you weren’t impressed with the bistro car items. Unless they’ve changed them recently (been a few years), I actually have always enjoyed the Cascades’ selection much more than normal Amtrak cafe selections. There seems to be quite a number of local (and organic) products available on this state-supported route that aren’t available on other trains. I seem to recall particularly enjoying a local oatmeal and a local macaroni and cheese option at some point in the past.

  8. rrapynot
    rrapynot at |

    “I love the rain option”… Freudian slip because your were in the PNW?