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  1. Jim McDonough
    Jim McDonough at |

    A couple of years ago, we sat around for hours in an ice event at DFW, waiting for the captain. We had left early to allow extra time for the bad weather, but he didn’t, and he got stuck in traffic. Somebody has to show up to fly the planes.

  2. Ben
    Ben at |

    I saw pictures of planes parked at gates at Houston airports. Why would the airline leave the planes in a storm when they could be used elsewhere. Even if they couldn’t be used – why risk damage to them?

  3. Ryan Sandlin
    Ryan Sandlin at |

    I laughably booked a saver award ticket to meet wife and daughter tonight after work in DFW, where they have been since Wednesday. Of course, my flight, and every other UA flight to DFW out of IAH, cancelled. Should have taken advantage of the AA saver availability thru BA when it was still available; could only get an award flight for 30k AAdvantage. Understandable, of course, and nothing compared to what so many of my friends, family, and neighbors are going thru.