Quick Take: Better IFE/C flies for Four Seasons Private Jet Tours

Quick Take:

Ultra-luxury travel is now just a little more luxurious. TCS World Travel, the company behind the Four Seasons private jet tours, upgraded its 757-200 aircraft (G-TCSX) in June to include the Inmarsat GX high-speed inflight internet service on board. The company announced today that the inflight entertainment system is also upgraded to the newest version of Bluebox Hybrid, allowing access to early window content (i.e. new-ish movies) on dedicated iPads carried on board.

That might almost be enough to distract from the luxurious catering and seating on board.

Dunfermline, UK – 30 August 2017 – TCS World Travel, the world leader in all-inclusive private jet expeditions for nearly 25 years, has upgraded its Bluebox-based IFE system to Bluebox Hybrid, the connected version of Bluebox Ai, which was deployed across their fleet in April this year. Bluebox Hybrid provides secure, pre-loaded Early Window Content (EWC) in a wireless cabin. This means travellers can now choose to watch the latest Hollywood films or browse the internet, check email or access the latest news, all from one of TCS World Travel’s Bluebox Hybrid iPads on board their Boeing 757, operated by TAG Aviation.

“We provide our guests with unique, highly personalised journeys around the world, and with internet connectivity now installed on one of our aircraft, we’re able to do even more to enrich their experience while in the air,” said Shelley Cline, President, TCS World Travel. “This goes beyond keeping our guests entertained or connected, but allows us to offer innovative ways to educate them about their next destination, such as live presentations from travel experts broadcast to our Bluebox Hybrid iPads.”

“When we were selected by TCS World Travel to be their primary IFE system provider, we were confident we could be part of their connectivity roadmap, and are thrilled to prove the flexibility of Bluebox IFE with this deployment,” said David Brown, Business Development Director, Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. “With Bluebox Ai, we delivered the IFE quality and the ‘it just works’ simplicity TCS World Travel wanted, but we also knew we could grow with them when they were ready to offer full internet connectivity. It’s what Bluebox Hybrid is all about – providing the security studios demand for EWC but offering connectivity as well, whether via a local/in-aircraft Wi-Fi network or to the wider internet if an aircraft has SATCOM system installed, as TCS World Travel has just done.”

TCS World Travel’s Boeing 757s are customized for every journey, taking up to 80 guests on unique itineraries visiting the world’s most iconic destinations. The company recently announced it had installed Rockwell Collins’ CabinConnect™ aboard one of its aircraft, a custom-configured Boeing 757 operated by TAG Aviation, using Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service to deliver fast and reliable Internet connectivity in the air.

Header image: The TCS 757, courtesy of the company (and without the newly installed GX radome on top)

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    1. Indeed. I’m clearly never going on one of the trips but when it comes to tracking trends in the inflight connectivity space I pay a lot of attention so this is an interesting move to me in that context.

    2. Seth…and if I had unlimited coin I would do one given my impressive Four Seasons experiences…would be curious as to the cabin service quality.

    3. I’ve only read one review and it was from a “journalist” who was given a comp trip and proceeded to gush about how wonderful everything is. I’m sure it is great, but when you’re given a $100,000 trip for free and know that the company is making a marketing video based on your experience it doesn’t come across as particularly authentic or genuine.

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