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  1. BillBigD
    BillBigD at |

    Doesn’t JetBlue only fly to BOS from DFW?

  2. Ben Naimark-Rowse
    Ben Naimark-Rowse at |

    Doubles up on flights. Triples up on concourses. 😉

  3. Fres
    Fres at |

    I admittedly don’t have stats to prove this but think a couple likely factors should be considered here:
    — Think you’re right on the timing of these flights versus most business travelers’ needs, but I would expect that a very sizeavle number of the very broad segment that is business travelers are not taking single day trips.
    – Given the business scale of the hub (meaning FLL or MCO are a bit smaller), the location of the airport (JFK vs LGA or EWR), and B6’s relative size versus other hub carriers in the market (many strong/stronger competitors in NYC), Boston is likely B6’s most business focused market. Jet Blue is a clear strong contender for primary airline for Boston business travelers.