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  1. Jim Pirigyi
    Jim Pirigyi at |

    Interesting choice since UA pulled their oil industry related IAH-LOS.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Agreed, though that service was nearly all energy and this theoretically has a few other markets it’ll serve.

  2. United in peace
    United in peace at |

    More profitable than most flights to europe. Delta knows how much of a cash cow lagos is for them.

    Delta is trying to compete with Arik non-stop jfk-los. Hmmm, Arik has been bleeding and i doubt they care to make profit.

    UNited iah-los wasnt all energy. Texas has the highest population of nigerians. United actually complained about not getting the oil contracts and so they pulled out. Cant blame the nigerians that refused to fly the wretched aircrafts, when The arab airlines had better options