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  1. Raymond Kwan
    Raymond Kwan at |

    Regardless of efficiency and oil prices, you are still going to carry that last drop of fuel for 20 hours, so you need to charge more.
    As for the passengers, 20hr is not a problem with connectivity, but to me, 2-4-2 seating with 32″ pitch is probably the limit.

    1. Brad Mixner
      Brad Mixner at |

      Try being 193cm!

    2. Stephan Segraves
      Stephan Segraves at |

      I get DVT just thinking about this.

    3. Mike Holovacs
      Mike Holovacs at |

      Louis CK famously lauded air travel over land travel, saying “you weren’t a different group of people when you got there.”

      I think we’ve reached the tipping point on that statement.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I wouldn’t have any problem doing it in premium cabin – but economy? Not so sure. I think about 15 hours is the longest I’ve done in Y so far.

    Still it’s interesting to see things like this being discussed and maybe even rolled out one day. When you think it wasn’t all that long ago we were crossing oceans in steamships and before that wooden sailboats, it’s kind of cool from a historical perspective in human development.

  3. Glen
    Glen at |

    I can’t see anyone building a aircraft capable of flying LHR to SYD non stop. It’s just limited a market even if Air NZ do jump in. But the A350-900 ULR could be a good for AiR NZ. Making trips to South America and opening up a neglected market.