DLD 156: Got Milk Runs?

This week’s episode is coming in a little late but, much like the Milk Run flights through Alaska, the important part is that it happens, not necessarily that it is on time.

The Alaska Airlines milk run flights connect a bunch of small cities on the peninsula between Anchorage and Seattle. For the truly dedicated AvGeek crowd the Milk Run flights are a great way to pick up dots and lines and explore some parts of Alaska that don’t see too many visitors.

A photo by Fozz from Petersburgh along the Milk Run route
A photo by Fozz from Petersburgh along the Milk Run route

Also, some conversation about Kwajalein from 3 years ago, if you’re interested.

The Alaska Airlines “Milk Run” Route
Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Also in this episode:

  • United Airlines just opened a new special restaurant in Newark called “Classified” for invite-only meals. It is fancy and pricey and draws the ire of many because it is a United operation at an airport.
  • More conversations about the LCCs across the Atlantic Ocean and how the legacy US carriers are getting crushed.

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