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  1. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    Actually that’s pretty impressive problem engagement by the T.S.A. Wow.

  2. Dona Penney Eastridge
    Dona Penney Eastridge at |

    Name and date of birth must match global entry info. I have talked to passengers who have no clue of their number or how their name appears on their card.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yup. But in my case they always have matched. I book from a saved profile so the data is always consistent. I still don’t know how the data made it wrong in to the TSA systems but the fact that they identified it and helped me fix it was AMAZING to me.

    2. Dona Penney Eastridge
      Dona Penney Eastridge at |

      I believe you I have seen some crazy things happen on reservations. Travel agent makes reservation and puts all information in. Passenger calls us and we go through with a fine tooth comb. Travel agent put global entry number in the redress field. ????

    3. Dona Penney Eastridge
      Dona Penney Eastridge at |

      If you change things on reservations like name for example. It removes seats, and data for birthday and global entry number. I spend more time fixing then selling at times. I do believe what you are saying. It only takes a schedule change and an agent not paying attention.

    4. Dona Penney Eastridge
      Dona Penney Eastridge at |

      I am glad you did find what the issue was. Glad to see a happy flyer. ????

  3. Gizmosdad
    Gizmosdad at |

    I’ve had that happen to me last year. There were some “IT upgrades” with the booking engine we use at work, and although I never touched my account profile, the trusted traveller info got messed up. I renetered my account info to the booking engine and everything was fine.

  4. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    13 minutes through security? THAT is the most amazing part of the story as far as I am concerned.

  5. jamesb2147
    jamesb2147 at |

    It bothers me that the Twatter team at TSA are able to access your “secure” details.

  6. Rob
    Rob at |

    Did you recently renew GE and PreCheck?

  7. t.j. fulkerson
    t.j. fulkerson at |

    Go through San Antonio. It has happened to me several times. I have asked about it and was told that precheck is not guaranteed.

  8. Matt Lindenberg
    Matt Lindenberg at |

    Kudos to the TSA for some strong customer service and social media responsiveness.

  9. Robert
    Robert at |

    I have had this same problem several times while flying on AA. Unfortunately the AA agents at DCA claimed they couldn’t do anything about it and referred me to TSA. On the other hand, the one it happened when I was departing CMH, the AA agent managed to fix it in a matter of a few key strokes.

  10. CF Gilbert
    CF Gilbert at |

    Any idea if US-Canada flights should get PreCheck? 2x recently, I have to gotten it when I have Nexus and the KTA and I get it on *every* other trip (even to Canada before this summer). Then last week a coworker said the same happens to him when going to Canada.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      There is nothing specific that prevents it when flying to Canada and I’ve received it without issue on all my recent Canada-bound trips, including just a couple weeks ago.

  11. Rami
    Rami at |

    I noticed that u had seat 1 F. Don’t you prefer the individual seats on Mint?