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  1. DFWfly
    DFWfly at |

    I’ve honestly always been amazed that Emirates justifies the cost of its own proprietary lounges at so many airports to begin with.

  2. Barry Marc Goldberg
    Barry Marc Goldberg at |

    Could you use the voucher at McDonalds to buy dinner for 40?

  3. Angus
    Angus at |

    Better damn well be ready by the time in fly in March or they better be prepared to open up award space that doesn’t exist for some flights later in the year.

    1. david
      david at |

      Are you on an Emirates award or an Alaska award?

      1. Angus
        Angus at |

        Emirates award.

        1. david
          david at |

          If you have status with them maybe they will do something for you.

  4. Richard G
    Richard G at |

    Last time I checked you can purchase a day pass to the Etihad Lounge, but it’s only open during certain times around their departures.

  5. Brian Fisher
    Brian Fisher at |

    I can’t believe they aren’t at least offering Biz and First pax access to another one of the lounges in the terminal, especially at JFK. Sounds like an opportunity to leave a sour taste in a lot of mouths for years to come.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The only “public” lounge in T4 is the Wingtips lounge. It probably isn’t big enough to handle the crowds, though from a cost perspective I’d bet EK could negotiate something that is comparable to the vouchers being distributed.

      Beyond that the options are Air India, Delta, Swiss, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad & EL AL. Delta and Virgin Atlantic would never let EK in. Nor with Etihad. Swiss is part of the LH Group that’s pretty unhappy with the ME3, too. And EL AL doesn’t exist as far as they’re concerned. So, Air India, that is being crushed by the ME3’s pull of passengers off the sub-continent? Methinks not.

    2. Brian Fisher
      Brian Fisher at |

      Solid points. I didn’t really think about it, but you are right, they have pissed off enough of their competitors that they aren’t likely to help even for the right price. And if I remember the Wingtips lounge correctly, you are right, there would be people camping out on the floor if all of the premium pax from an A380 were to show up at once. I just know that if I had paid for a premium experience and didn’t have a comfortable quiet place to wait for my flight at JFK, I would be pretty upset.

      On another note, I would love to see an update if we find out any more about the value of the vouchers, or anyone’s experience with using them in the airport.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Just heard back and updated the post. Platinum/First gets $40 while Business/Gold gets $30. That’s hard to stretch in to a real meal.

    4. Brian Fisher
      Brian Fisher at |

      I would have to agree with that. That’s pretty meagre for airport dining, especially if you want a decent glass of wine or cocktail with your meal.

    5. Rick Johnson
      Rick Johnson at |

      I never understand why there is so much food in the lounges , that people act like they have never ate in their lives and then people still eat on the plane too.

    6. Marcelo Rozengurt
      Marcelo Rozengurt at |

      Too much food is wasted

    7. Syed
      Syed at |

      Absolutely. I’d expect that they accommodate me in another lounge. I’m flying first with my wife tomrorow and I’m not looking forward to it to be honest.

  6. TC
    TC at |

    ive flown emirates a couple of times roundtrip jfk-mxp.

    the food was slightly nicer than some other lounges, but only slightly.

    but, mostly, i want a lounge as a refuge from wandering round a chaotic terminal endlessly looking for a seat, and as an easy place to charge my gear and have reliable internet…
    … restaurant vouchers don’t address any of those requirements

  7. Marcelorozengurt
    Marcelorozengurt at |

    other airlines club lounges offer day passes

    At least emirates suggest that alternative it’s a good alternative to waiting in the terminal zoo mess or offer ticket refunds.

  8. Joey
    Joey at |

    If there’s a big blizzard in NYC that causes delays on EK flights, this would be a huge downgrade indeed. I was EK gold back in dec 2010 and recall there being a huge blizzard on Dec 26. My JFK-DXB flight was delayed by 4 hours and that EK lounge was a nice refuge from the craziness downstairs from all the other delayed flights of other airlines.

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  11. tom
    tom at |

    I’m flying BOS-DEL in late December, and was considering Emirates for their A380 out of JFK; I’ve done it before. Yes, it’s a HUGE a hassle to arrive at Terminal 5 ( transfer & go thru TSA again ) to get to Terminal 5, but the Emirates Lounge, and being able to board via that lounge, made it somewhat worthwhile. With a $40 voucher, and nowhere to just chill; I’m flying Qatar ( A350 ) BOS-DEL. Thanks Emirates for making this decision easy! Wondering how ANY airline could/ would close a premium lounge during busiest season of the year. Perhaps the rumors of Emirates cutting back on US A380 service are indeed true!