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  1. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    I love the figure skating reference, lol

  2. Gary Leff
    Gary Leff at |

    Noise complaints at SFO, DEN, and LAX are similarly coming from one or a just a couple of people.


  3. Edward Pizzarello
    Edward Pizzarello at |

    Have you been to Poolesville, MD? Interesting place for that many complaints.

  4. Mike Holovacs
    Mike Holovacs at |

    Way more plausible to think those Challenger 600s are mistakenly tagged CR2’s.

  5. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    If you look up a CRJ registration with the FAA’s N number lookup, they’ll return the model number as a CL-600-something. CRJ is just the marketing name, but the official model number retains yeh CL-600 (the same way early MD-80s were sold as the MD-80 but the name plate said it was a DC-9-80). It’s not that they’re misidentified – the numbers are just reported using the official model numbers.

  6. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

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