Double points by fleet type: The A380 Bonus Scheme

Need to up your Miles and more points balance the next couple months? Maybe try booking a trip on one of Lufthansa‘s A380s. Through a partnership with Airbus the airline is offering double Miles and More points on all A380 trips through 31 January 2018. Registration is required prior to travel and tickets must be purchased by 31 December 2017.

Valid for bookings until 31 December 2017 and flights from 29 October 2017 to 31 January 2018

Earn double miles on routes from/to Frankfurt to/from Miami, Singapore, New Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai, Houston, Los Angeles and Bangkok

The promo is part of the iflyA380 campaign Airbus runs, encouraging travelers to seek out the specific plane type in their travels. The goal is to show off the comfort of the cabin, enticing more traffic and, ultimately, convincing more aircraft purchases by airlines based on passenger demand. The airframer launched an A380-specific search engine at the Farnborough International Air Show last summer to help travelers easily find such flights. This new promotion goes a step beyond, offering tangible incentive to passengers in hopes they pick the type.

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One challenge with the plan is that most routes flying the A380 don’t also offer flights on another aircraft type. Lufthansa’s eligible flights are only A380 routes unless a codeshare gets involved.

Need to up your Miles and more points balance the next couple months? Maybe try booking a trip on one of Lufthansa's A380s.
Good luck finding a non-A380 on these Lufthansa routes. It is not an option.

A connecting passenger has more choice – in this case choosing a Frankfurt stop rather than Munich – but shifting the passenger mindset to aircraft type is an uphill battle.

Still, it is a battle Airbus must continue to fight. This week’s Dubai Air Show is another stark reminder that the future of the A380 is incredibly uncertain.

Airbus hoped to score a big deal with Emirates, possibly based on the A380Plus concept introduced at the Paris Air Show over the summer. Instead the company hit a road block as Emirates reiterated its concerns about being the only customer still looking at new orders for the type.

With 100 A380s in service Emirates operates nearly half the current global fleet. And the carrier has some 40 more still in its existing orders. With a weak secondary market it is unclear that trading new for old is as financially compelling as it has been for other types in the past.

But, in the meantime, if you’re flying on one of Lufty’s A380s in the next 10 weeks snag those double miles and enjoy the ride.

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