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  1. Les McLaren
    Les McLaren at |

    No doubt this model will find its way into the new “simplified (sic)” klm/af program? !
    As you so correctly point out (no pun intended! ) complicated, confusing and untrustworthy FF programs can quickly crush an airline by destroying the loyalty it has previously built with its customers.

  2. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    the MSP-HND flight is one of the absolutely easiest across the entire DL TPAC network to get Level 1 Saver award in both Y and J. That should tell you a lot about how that flight is performing.

    DL only submitted MSP to avoid scrutiny on their past failed SEA and DTW attempts, and absolutely nothing related to MSP at all.

  3. mark
    mark at |

    You say losing trust can crush a loyalty program. Has that happened to Delta?

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