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  1. Brenton
    Brenton at |

    I’ve had to position in Chicago via mdw to ord with uber a few times. It would be fantastic if this happened and ran to each airport.

  2. Igor Matlin
    Igor Matlin at |

    It is CTA Blue Line. MTA is in New York. 🙂

    I don’t see any viable alternatives, really. Blue Line tracks aren’t rated for the speed they need – earlier plans for an express train proposed a 30 min ride at a cost of $2B+. Metra NCS already shares tracks with freight traffic; good luck trying to maintain operational reliability. Also, Metra station would need to be moved closer to terminals to be usable.

    Hyperloop seems like an overkill though. Why not have a regular monorail run inside a tunnel dug by the Boring Co.?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      MTA, CTA, pshaw…

      Agree that any dedicated right-of-way with nonstop service could meet the required time;.hyperloop isn’t a necessity. But dedicated track is key. But if you’re Musk and you’ve gone through all the trouble of digging a tunnel why wouldn’t you use the project for an R&D job to build and test operation of the new shiny toy in a commercial setting. Sure, it is a few billion dollars at risk, but he’s done that plenty of times already. And a few of them even seem to be working (though maybe not profitable).

  3. Mike Denoff
    Mike Denoff at |

    Anything but the CTA trains

  4. DavidB
    DavidB at |

    Without using an existing right of way/rail corridors, there is no financially viable way of building such a line, let alone operation costs. A hyperloop tunnel/tube would be even more expensive than running dedicated non-stop trains in an existing corridor given the cost of construction alone. As Toronto discovered with its rail link from/to YYZ, high fares scare off users. When the one-way fare was cut from $25 to $10 ridership surged from virtually nothing to often over crowded trains!

  5. Ian
    Ian at |

    What a waste. At least the city wouldn’t be paying for it, but unless you’re on an expense account, why pay 6x as much (CTA fare is $5) for something that will save maybe 15 minutes at most, possible less.

    1. Scott
      Scott at |

      The CTA blue line from ORD to Clark/Division is 45 minutes (without delays). So at a minimum, the hyperloop would save 30 mins.

      1. Ian
        Ian at |

        Except the hyperloop would leave much less frequently, maybe every 15 minutes. And it would probably only stop at the terminus, meaning most users would have to walk/take a cab to their final destination.

  6. Michael d
    Michael d at |

    It is less than 20 miles from downtown to ORD.
    At 90 mph that is less than 14 min
    180 mph is less than 7 min.
    Hyperloop speed is >700 mph which is a travel time of less than 2 min.

    If you could travel from downtown to ORD in ten min you would be very happy.
    A conventional fast train is all that is needed.
    How much extra could be charged to save 8 min?