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  1. Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen at |

    I wish you would stop reminding me of trip reports which I have yet to post, Seth.

    Unfortunately, I just missed the faster train by one departure — but I am not sure as to whether or not the experience would actually be any different anyway.

    I look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City this weekend…

  2. 02nz
    02nz at |

    I’ve taken several rides on the Maglev, it really is one of the coolest kinds of transportation operating today. If I’m not mistaken the train was made by Siemens, so there are a lot of elements in the interior that will be familiar to anyone who’s taken Germany’s ICE high-speed trains, also made by Siemens. There was at one point a plan to build Maglev between Berlin and Hamburg, and the idea behind the Shanghai Maglev was also as a demonstration for the feasibility of Maglev as high-speed “rail,” but in both cases conventional high-speed rail has won out.

  3. Willy
    Willy at |

    My lasat time in Shanghai I told myself that I’d take the maglev into town and then force myself to take the metro or taxi back out. In the end, I took the maglev both ways. It’s really an easy way to get to the airport and worth the extra $. Although it requires a connection in town, it’s way more civilized than sitting in the back of a chinese taxi all the way out to PVG.

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    I think the 2-2 seating you were in was the train’s “first class” or VIP section. Supposedly for 80-100rmb one way.

  5. Charles Hagadorn III
    Charles Hagadorn III at |

    430 km/h, yes please! I took the trip during one of the high speed times. It was amazing!

  6. Jerry Mandel
    Jerry Mandel at |

    It is bad because it ends so far from where you want to be. Add on all the time to go on from the end and the time savings isn’t so great. Also, add up the Maglev cost and the additional cost to go to the center.