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  1. Seth Kaplan
    Seth Kaplan at |

    Thank you! Looks like we should be all set. This is outbound to NRT, and we have the same seats returning from ICN. Pretty good value (relatively, anyway, on that airline) for 99,000 r/t for the open jaw, including the shorthaul DCA-DTW connections in F.

    1. Fredrik Lund
      Fredrik Lund at |

      You should reserve 21 DFG. Less chance for someone to reserve a middle seat and greater chance for 3 of you getting 4 seats 😉

    2. Seth Kaplan
      Seth Kaplan at |

      That’s a good point. I always do that when stuck in economy. Less of an advantage in premium because of immovable armrests – but still, yes, why not? Also, I might do GHJ except that one of us is two years old, so it’s only fair to the other two for her to be between us.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Given fixed armrests anyways I might consider the bulkhead. Less likely to score the empty middle but more likely to get room for her to stand and stretch without causing trouble.

    4. Seth Kaplan
      Seth Kaplan at |

      That’s a good point. Which way is the screen more comfortable? Seatback or bulkhead?

    5. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Hmmm…probably seatback. Bulkhead is the swing out varietal that pivots but also not available gate-to-gate. Seatback doesn’t swivel but does adjust if pax in front reclines. And G2G.

    6. Seth Kaplan
      Seth Kaplan at |

      Okay, thanks… I’m leaning toward staying in our row (perhaps doing DFG). The trade-off with her having more space in the bulkhead row is that it’s also more difficult to contain her when doing so is desirable. I’m thinking her between us, when her seat isn’t reclined (and maybe with two seats if one holds empty, might be the perfect mix of space and containment.

    7. Seth Kaplan
      Seth Kaplan at |

      Okay so yeah… On both flights, I did keep the second row but switched to DFG. So ideally she’ll have some space… but well-contained space. Thanks again for all the input.

  2. MG
    MG at |

    Dump the touch screen in-seat IFE in coach. Nothing worse than a woodpecker banging on the back of your head on a 15 hour flight!

  3. Greg Char
    Greg Char at |

    I booked 4A and 5A for next month NRT-DTW; thanks for the preview.