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  1. Amol
    Amol at |

    Would love to see them put an A321 Mint plane from BUR to JFK. Would be the only carrier to have an actual premium product cross country from Burbank and wouldn’t have to deal with LAX on one end.

    1. David Millsom
      David Millsom at |

      One of my life’s desires is to scratch LAX from my list of destinations or transits.
      Nowadays I find myself transiting United via LAX from SFO to Melbourne.
      It’s rarely a pleasure.

  2. Joe
    Joe at |

    I remember when Jet Blue had at least three flights to NY from Burbank. Why did they get rid of them?

  3. James
    James at |

    For the record one cannot operate a precleared Canada flight to the US unless the receiving airport has CBP approval and established contingency plan to reprocess the passengers if required by segregating them and being able to hold them in sterile area if needed.
    SNA John Wayne Airport and Alaska Airlines found this out the hard way when AS decided to operate YVR-SNA and CBP forced inaugural flight to divert enroute when it was determined SNA was not an approved arrival point in the US for precleared arrivals.
    I seriously doubt CBP or LGB will spend money to develop such plans and designate facilities at the airport for such potential outcome.

  4. Christian
    Christian at |

    Bozeman? Not exactly what I’d picture as a hot leisure route.

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