Top Bonus, BMI Regional link up in loyalty

It looks like BMI Regional has a new loyalty program. The airline now partners with Top Bonus, formerly of AirBerlin, for earning on flights.

Fixed rate earning for BMI Regional flights in the TopBonus program.
Fixed rate earning for BMI Regional flights in the TopBonus program.

The earning rates are not incredible, particularly given the currently limited redemption opportunities available with Top Bonus. Still it is nice to see the company working to shed its AirBerlin cover and seek out new partners to keep the operations going. The BMI Regional deal comes just a few days after Top Bonus added Germania as a partner.

Much like the Germania partnership there is a catch to this one. Bookings must be completed online via the special URL – – to earn credit. This is probably better than the Germania requirement of booking by phone but still slightly onerous for users.

During the initial days of the AIrBerlin bankruptcy the program briefly suspended operations. That was surprising to me given the general long-term value such programs have, even if that is diminished when separate from the parent airline. Clearly the program is on a path to resuming something of normal operations in the near future, though without a flagship airline partner that course is a tough one to navigate.

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