Air New Zealand goes WAY south for safety

Air New Zealand is famous for the creativity that goes into the company’s inflight safety videos. The latest iteration, however, brings something special to the screen: Penguins. Also, the airline released a trailer/teaser around the video because, well, it is a very different performance.

The video was filmed in Antarctica in partnership with the Scott Research base. Because of the remote filming location it was necessary to restrict the travel crew working on the project from the typical 40 down to 6. Among other things, this put a bunch of the researchers on screen as extras.

“We hope this video, together with the educational content we’ve filmed, will draw attention to the important research underway to better understand and prepare for a warming world.” – Air New Zealand General Manager Global Brand and Content Marketing Jodi Williams

“Rather than shying away from issues, Air New Zealand is working to minimize the impact of its operations. Part of this includes its long-running support of the New Zealand scientific community in Antarctica, and using this safety video to share our research with new audiences.” – Chief Executive Officer Peter Beggs

Also, did I mention the penguins?!? I’m looking forward to seeing the real thing next month when it comes out.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Having been in New Zealand way back in the late 1970s, even considering one of NZ’s (then coded TE) DC-10-30 Antartica flyovers (but not able to mesh their schedules with mine), my first thought when I read your post was: this is the airline that had the Mount Erebus crash. I wondered if that sad history would come up now with the new video. So, went to Google, and, yep, a bit of controversy among the victims’ families.

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