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  1. Garrett Hartsuyker
    Garrett Hartsuyker at |

    Big push internally on this endeavor…

  2. Igor Matlin
    Igor Matlin at |

    I’d rather see same-day change flexibility for everyone instead of free beer and wine. That’s what business travelers are after: flexibility, i.e., ability to get on the earliest possible flight upon getting the airport.

  3. Ted Shevlin
    Ted Shevlin at |

    When I was in college, the Delta Shuttle meant that you could buy an undated passbook in bulk and redeem passes for same-day air travel. It also meant no assigned seating (at least on Delta…US Airways always had assigned seating as far as I’m aware).
    Another thing was, if you miss the 3:00, they put you on the 4:00, no questions asked. I’m sure both of these things have disappeared.