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  1. Stephen Evans
    Stephen Evans at |

    What a load of PR they have been doing. They push out ‘A380 production going away?’ then this….they already knew.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Well, they knew in the sense that if the line stayed alive it would be because Emirates ordered more. But that was not a certainty. Emirates has pushed very hard on getting guarantees from Airbus around secondary market value and changes/improvements to the offering to reduce costs. Those bits took time for Airbus to deliver on.

      And it is not a certainty that making those decisions is a profitable choice on the A380s for Airbus. This move could be argued as selling a few more at a small loss in hopes that a larger, more profitable order comes along in the next few years. It is all a gamble on whether the major airport congestion issues really do manifest broadly enough and whether hub-and-spoke carriers are the solution to that.

  2. Tony Reece
    Tony Reece at |

    Not “Plus”.


  3. Addison Schonland
    Addison Schonland at |

    It’ll be fascinating to see what these planes look like at delivery. I’m betting not exactly like we see today.

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