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  1. andydufresne
    andydufresne at |

    The joy of inconsistencies between airlines, their own employees/contractors and the learned helplessness that we all have acquired. Since pretty much every airline uses zonal boarding, I don’t know why they can’t just assign a zone for everyone, including those who should for what ever reason be 1st, 2nd etc in priority to the first zone for GENERAL boarding. A few examples, Turkish Airlines doesn’t give a zone for Business Class, they just board first (other airlines may assign biz pax Zone 1); Westjet gives priority boarding to folks seated in exit rows (ahead of zone 1) and makes a special announcement for the affected rows (my exit row boarding pass was printed zone 3); and then there is what age children qualify for priority boarding 3, 5, 6? That varies not only airline to airline but some airports, particularly with contract ground handlers just say family or young children.

  2. Mike L
    Mike L at |

    On a somewhat related note, why is there no row 1 or 2 on most American Airlines domestic flights?

    1. henry LAX
      henry LAX at |

      lots of airlines do that so they can align row numbers across various fleet types and configurations … say on UA’s narrowbody mainline domestic fleet, row 21 is basically the emergency exit row over the wing (or the 2nd exit row over the wing for 738 etc)

  3. Sean Roebuck
    Sean Roebuck at |

    That’s what happens when the designers work in cubicles and not airports

  4. Travel Griz
    Travel Griz at |

    I don’t usually fly Delta but I got a boarding group 2 and thought I’d get on the plane relatively early.

    But nope. After countless elites and whatever other sudo group there was I might as well have been in group 100 lol.

  5. Jadon
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    0 comes first.

    1. George
      George at |

      -1 comes before zero…

  6. Ker
    Ker at |

    How does the author suggest taking care of those who decide they need a wheelchair after the time of their booking? Reissue a new boarding pass? Are we going to have active military personnel call after booking just to tell the airlines, wasting time and resources? Seems cumbersome. Proper announcements at the gate address this. It’s easier to LISTEN and be aware of your surroundings and understand just because you think you’re first, you may not be.

  7. Dave
    Dave at |

    Because of marketing. Airlines want to call MINT and Mosaic by their product names – not just throw all those pax into Group 1. It’s all about recognizing those customers. And a lot of them like walking up to board at that time, because other people look at them and know they’re someone “special”.