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  1. Joseph May
    Joseph May at |

    A case of potential over reach by the operators?

  2. Robert
    Robert at |

    Great write-up of this issue. LGB is a fantastic airport, luckily I have DL and B6 options non-stop and I can thus avoid LAX much of the time. I’m sure B6 would still be willing to pay higher off hours fines but the slot forfeiture seems excessive.

  3. Marvelous Marvin
    Marvelous Marvin at |

    Why don’t they just shut the damn airport down? They always complain about the airlines and never want to expand the airport, but they want to live by the airport because it raise their property value.

  4. Karen
    Karen at |

    The NIMBY lobby succeeded in shutting down commercial operations at Carlsbad – Palomar, which was a nice regional airport. Their stated issue was noise, though the airport was in operation long before these homes were built, and there were no flights after 10:00pm. Now, instead of a short drive, I’m stuck in traffic driving to San Diego or LAX, adding to freeway congestion and pollution.

  5. A*
    A* at |

    If your idiot President Trump gave up on his plan to kill the C300 in the US this airport could benefit from the lower noise profile.

    Your loss