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  1. Christian
    Christian at |

    And there I thought Nero was playing a Stradivarius.

  2. Chas
    Chas at |

    Those looking into Alitalia for anything should know about their dirty tricks. I have less than 100,000 miles with Alitalia. They have this crazy system where they will cancel all miles unless you earn more miles in seat on AZ in the next few months. I have been trying to use myCB miles since November but hey keep jacking up prices from trans-atlantic C class at 40,000 Plus fees up to a recent 2 million miles. I believe they are the only program that has awards over 1 million miles that I have ever seen.

  3. phoenix
    phoenix at |

    The partial reason FI and TP’s stopover programs are so popular is they’re geographically positioned between a typical leisure traveller’s origin (North America) and ultimate destination (somewhere else continental Europe) so it’s appealing to break up your journey and explore someplace new. Rome does not have this advantage unless these travellers are going to eastern Europe or Middle East, and besides Rome is appealing enough as a destination anyways.

    I don’t see this working out for AZ.