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  1. Charlie Giordano
    Charlie Giordano at |

    Seth Miller, this makes Mileage Plus stand out in another good way from Alaska and Delta programs then, right?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yes, the lack of the 72-hour cutoff is an advantage of the UA program over those two, though DL and AS have other benefits over UA. Picking the best program is a personal decision based on travel patterns and needs. What’s right for me could be a total mess for you.

  2. Everton Morris
    Everton Morris at |

    Given the multiple serious foibles encountered thus far on my trip, there’s soooooo much I can say about the shortcomings of booking Alaska Airlines international partner awards…

  3. haolenate
    haolenate at |

    Seth, this sucks. Most foreign airlines open up award space in premium cabin 72 hours prior to departure… that’s how I got my EK – F award (had a Cathay Premium Economy)… thankfully we still don’t pay change fees on awards. But this definitely keeps us from burning up more miles. I bet Alaska and the other airlines noticed this. :/

  4. Chris Luth
    Chris Luth at |

    As I was able to upfare a CX J award to F about 24 hours before departure a couple years ago, this definitely annoys me.

  5. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Since I really don’t have the flexibility to book long haul flights so close in, it doesn’t affect me at all, but any negative change is sad to see.