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  1. Andrew Y
    Andrew Y at |

    I once came off the Emirates Milan flight and bumped into a curator from one of the Smithsonian museums. She said she booked the flight via a JetBlue codeshare and that’s why it was allowed.

  2. Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy at |

    the best point in this piece is at the very end — if he’d booked the jetBlue flight number it would have all been OK right?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I’m really not certain. I also wonder how, assuming he booked through the GSA like most government tickets require, he could’ve ended up on the EK code and NOT the B6 code for that flight.

    2. David Conklin
      David Conklin at |

      Each Govt agency books through a contracted travel agency not the GSA. The travel agency is supposed to help comply with GSA rules.

    3. David Conklin
      David Conklin at |
    4. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Thanks, David. That makes sense. Still, the TA should’ve pushed the B6 code in this case, right? Isn’t that what GSA rules would require/recommend??

      I do see that Delta holds the GSA City Pair award for MIL-WAS so maybe that’s really what the exemption letter was about??

    5. David Conklin
      David Conklin at |

      I’m not a federal worker but I do know many of them. I think they can get around the Fly American rules by using a US airline flight number. The GSA rules are public.

    6. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yeah, that’s how JetBlue won a bunch of GSA City Pairs with EK service.

    7. David Conklin
      David Conklin at |

      I was once on an Etihad flight back to DC where the business class cabin was very full of what I found out were very junior congressional staffers. These were folks clearly just starting out their working careers. They evidently had no trouble booking biz class on that airline.

  3. andrew
    andrew at |

    The “Fly America” costs the US taxpayer a fortune in excess fares due to inefficient routings. I saw this at Lockheed in Dallas having to fly via Washington Dulles to get to Dubai. Emirates had a nonstop flight from DFW.

    The jingoistically named “Fly America” Act exists solely as protectionism for the “Chapter 11 Three”.

  4. Jake
    Jake at |

    What a stupid piece of protectionism legislation. Make our government less efficient (at taxpayers expenses) so a few (privately owned) airlines can make more money. Disgusting.

  5. Arthur
    Arthur at |

    Government employees regularly fly non-US carriers internationally by using codeshares (UA for LH, Delta for AF). I would, too, if I was one. (Once, I came to a meeting attended by US government people at which I was the only person to have arrived on a US carrier. I thought that was odd, so they explained it to me. And smart they were to have flown what they did rather than UA.)

    In other words, this is an article about nothing. If you really wanted to do a useful article, how about one on how the government rules work, and what the exceptions are? Nobody seems to understand them, so you get confused articles like this.

  6. Sean
    Sean at |

    JetBlue “owned” JFK-Milan in 2017 though (via Emirates), so he was perfectly within his rights to fly that. Yes, Delta has it in 2018, but did not in June 2017 when the flight in question was flown.

    Can check GSA city pairs here: https://cpsearch.fas.gsa.gov/cpsearch/mainList.do?originAPCode=JFK&originCity=&destAPCode=MIL&destCity=&fiscalYear=Search+FY+17

  7. DCJoe
    DCJoe at |

    Florence Airport is 1:30 closer to Bologna than MXP. There is a Lufthansa flight (United codeshare) to FRA at 2:35 PM, which connects to a United flight that arrives at IAD at 8 PM. Faster travel time, could leave Bologna later than a 3:40 PM flight out of MXP, and fully compliant with the Fly America act.

    The connection at JFK and the 3 hour drive to MXP from Bologna blows the time saving argument out of the water.

    Dude wanted to bling out on Emirates.

    1. 02nz
      02nz at |

      Or better yet, the Air Dolomiti (LH partner) flight on at 1.35 pm from Bologna to Munich, connecting there on LH’s late-aftenroon flight (codeshare with UA) to get back to IAD.

  8. DCJoe
    DCJoe at |

    Exactly. I guess he didn’t didn’t realize that LH business is actially more spacious than Emirates. His people need to brush up on Google Flights, Google Maps and read some trip reports.